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How The Show Works

How The Show Works

What Is A Rotation?

A rotation is a list of singers who will sing tonight, starting with the first singer to turn in a song request slip.  Once the last singer on the list has sang, we go back to the beginning of the list and the singer in position 1 gets to sing again, with each singer in the list subsequently following in turn.

Please Note:  As new singers are added throughout the night, the order of the rotation can change and you may no longer be following the same singer.  Please see the example below:

In this example, there are 5 singers.  Bob has been following Linda.

1. Bob  2. John  3. Janet  4. Frank  5. Linda

While Bob is singing, Susan comes in and is added to the bottom of the list.  Bob now follows Susan.

1. Bob  2. John  3. Janet  4. Frank  5. Linda  6. Susan

So, please don’t feel you’ve been skipped if you’re no longer following the same person.  The order of the rotation will always change as new singers are added.  The same holds true as singers leave also.