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The Firelight Difference!

The Competition!

Why Choose Firelight Karaoke?

Our experience, dedication, and professionalism are just a few of the reasons. Not to mention a passion for entertaining and providing our guests with a truly unique entertainment experience.

Having visited numerous karaoke shows all over the state, we’ve found  that most of the KJ’s running these shows, should not be hosting karaoke.  Most of them  lacked people skills, had no personality and were nothing more than name callers. Many of them used inferior equipment resulting in poor sound quality.

If that’s not bad enough, just about all of them were operating illegally, using stolen or pirated music to put on their shows. Certainly not what we would call quality, professional entertainment and not the type of show that we would endorse or support.

To start with, we use nothing but the finest audio and video equipment.  From our digital wireless mics to our professional loudspeakers.  But great sound means nothing without great music, which is why we offer an extensive library of songs, from the latest hits to your favorite classics, that sounds just like the original artist recordings.

Our karaoke shows are 100% legal.  Unlike most of our competitors, we do NOT use illegally obtained music.  All karaoke tracks used in our shows have been legally purchased by Firelight Karaoke.

Finally, at our shows, everyone is treated fairly.  We don’t play favorites.  We want you to have fun.  And that’s what we’ll make it… fun for everyone!